Xavier center Kenny used Frease piece of white cloth to absorb the blood streaming from a wound under his eye - Cincinnati. Of the two managers bear hugged his players and tried to strip them away from the hubbub.

    Got a shoot-the-art control crosstown Saturday and ended in the psychiatric hospital, a few seconds early. Consequences did not start up.

    In eighth place and won Javier crosstown rival Cincinnati 76-53 on Saturday in a match that featured a steady stream of trash talk and was called the 9.4 seconds from the end of the game when the teams got in a brawl in the corner of the court.

    Words escalated in the payments and swinging. Clear all of the seats. Frease left the court with blood on his face after getting punched by Yancy Gates, Cincinnati and then kicked by Sheikh Mbodj Cincinnati, while on the ground on his knees. Xavier student threw Dis and Wales punch during the dispute.

    Leaves black and blue mark on the annual competition. It is expected to be suspended after reviewing the videos. The Atlantic (10) and Big East brawl examined, along with schools.

    "There is no excuse for any of them, from our side, their side," said Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin angrily. "Guys need to grow up.

    "There is no excuse for this zero in basketball. You have to learn how to win on one side, and you've got to learn how to lose on the other side."

    Officials reviewed videotape of the brawl on the screens of Oakland after the game, trying to figure out what happened. He declined to comment on they left the center of Cintas. After a few hours, and 10 said the Atlantic that were included Gates, Mbodj and Wales were also expelled, saying their actions were considered more severe.

    The last two games in this series of one-sided, leading to some of the passion growing.

    Cincinnati (5-3) and won by 20 points in the season of the court in the latter's house, and the completion of the most lopsided games of a competition in eight years. Answered Xavier (8-0) with the second-biggest win in the history of the series. "

    There is always a dose of trash talk in these games, players have sometimes had to be pulled away from each other by the referees and coaches. Took the fight on Saturday it to a new level.

    Exchange Xavier Lyon goalkeeper Mark words with the players and teams of Cincinnati passed each other on the court and went to the locker room at halftime, with the Knights before 34-25. Xavier took control of the opening game for the second half with a running 9-2, and led by two digits the rest of the way.

    Xavier got back to Holloway to open layup with 18.6 seconds left in the game, players walk the court. Said Holloway, a senior guard held to five points in last season's competition, and some of the things on the bench and got shoved Cincinnati, setting free for all.

    During the week, said Cincinnati guard Sean Kilpatrick in an interview that Holloway - player 10 Atlantic of the year - will not start for his team. Holloway wanted the last word and the clock ran out.

    "I tell my city it's right here," said Holloway. "I'm pieces of cloth of different. Any of them on the players that the team is like me, so I do not understand, and I am respectful of guys have come in my face and talk like that, so let me that all the staff there and let his players know that none of them is like me.

    "That's when I started."

    Both the coaches disappointment in the behavior of the players. Was not sure what happened after the game, or could face suspension for players.

    "It was a melee," said Xavier coach Chris Mack. "We were only trying to separate players, and make a mess out there."

    The Cronin urged the rulers to hand over technical errors if the trash talk continued in the second half. Whatever it was called - got a Mac and one in the first half of the disagreement with a call goaltending.

    "It's disappointing," said Mac. "We're all competitors, and we played all of our hearts, and that means a lot to the game, and there are a lot of pressure on both teams to win it, for it to play out the same as it did in the end, I do not know another word that is disappointing.

    "The crime was for 39 and a half minutes, it was probably one of the cleanest in terms of penalty crosstown errors and fixed (pileups l) loose balls."

    Cronin said his players to remove these jerseys after the game because he was so angry that in what happened.

    "We represent an institution of higher education," said Cronin. "It's way more important than basketball games. I made everyone take the Jersey out, and they will not set again until we have a full understanding of where they go to school, and what the university stands for and how much they are lucky to even be there, let alone a scholarship .

    "They sit there at all without a shirt on some of them actually took off."

    Saturday night, the President of the University of Cincinnati and H. Williams Gregory issued a statement saying he was "very disappointed" with the behavior of the players.

    "I appreciate the comments of the coach Cronin in the postgame strong, and I want to support his position that this behavior is not what we expect from the representatives of the University of Cincinnati," said Williams. "We will conduct a thorough investigation into this incident and will act quickly and decisively, and we have a contract between the student and athlete at a high level, and will not be tolerated this behavior."

    Xavier president Rev. Michael J.. Graham also issued a statement apologizing "for the entire community of Cincinnati."

    "This behavior was not representative of Xavier standards and has no place in intercollegiate athletics," said Graham. "It is expected that our program is to basketball, and since many years now, the highest ideals of sportsmanship and ethical behavior."

    Lyon had a match high 19 points, and finished with 17 Holloway. The Frease 13 points and 13 rebounds.

    Gates led Cincinnati with 18 points and 12 rebounds. Cincinnati went only 1 of 16 behind the arc and killed 30 percent from the field. Bearcats did not make his players available for interviews after the game, leaving the Cintas Center under tight security.

    Xavier has won four of five years, and seven of the 10 years, and nine of their last 13 games in the game of the city for the annual bragging rights. Knights was a little extra motivation in this one - the loss of 20 points last season, when he went to stop the Bearcats defense Holloway.

    This would be in an exchange of fire Holloway crosstown past, and he was determined to prevent Cincinnati from getting the first time-to-back victories in the series since 1995-1996.

    Eyes closed, when the national anthem ended and both teams headed to their seats, Holloway stayed on the court himself for a few seconds, please proceed, and soaking in the moment.

    Was in the middle in the end. I jumped when it was called the game, the scorers table and celebrating with the masses.

    The Holloway It's not the first time see it as an argument in a game crosstown.

    "That's what you're going to see from Xavier and Cincinnati," said Holloway. "I got no respect and we are slightly ahead of the game, and the men us we are the strongest team grew we men over here we have a complete set of gangsters in the dressing room --... not thugs, but tough players on the pitch, and we went out there and compressed them at the end of the game. "

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