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    Announced the State of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, died on Saturday, Sunday evening. Publication of the leader (69 years), who ruled his poor country with an iron fist, a word greatness himself to the extent that it seemed in many cases, more than a silly myth of the actual human beings. With small stature, rotating stable of women and includes expertise in all areas imaginable, known by many in the Western world and Kim more than a caricature of what was really: really brutal dictator.

    And television and film writers in the United States, whether advanced awareness and so brutal or simply made ​​him laugh, happy that fueled the myth. Of "Team America" ​​to "30 Rock" and "Saturday Night Live" played with comic book land qualities in ways that are increasingly insane. If you enjoy mocking or not, must be understood that the business - Kim was known film buff himself, according to own and operate a digital video disc 10 to 20.000 film industry in North Korea of time before he became a dictator.

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