Christina Applegate Tattoos

    Lets take a peek at a couple of the visible tattoos on the lovely celebrity actress Christina Applegate.

    She has a small rope like vine wrapped around her left ankle and the a mysterious looking tattoo on her right ankle that looks to contain the number 3.

    Christina Applegate also has a couple of tattoos near her naughty area, one of which is a bird of sorts. Checkout this photos of her tattoos.

Christina Aguilera Tattoos

    The stunningly gorgeous pop star Christina Aguilera has a few tattoos of her own, one of them is on the back of her neck which read "Xtina".

    She also has a couple of tattoos written in the Hebrew text which read "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" on her lower back along with her husbands initials.

    And "I love you always" is written on her arm in Spanish with red ink.

Cher Tattoos

    Lets take a look at some of the various tattoos of the wonder singer and actress Cher.

    Cher has a rosary style cross on her upper left arm and a small crystal on her left forearm, but perhaps her most famous tattoo is the one that graces across both of her butt cheeks, which includes an array of flowers with a butterfly.

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